Information for Authors

Publication rules

The articles devoted to anesthesiology and intensive care are published in the journal. There are following headings:

  • Planned and emergency anesthesiology
  • Intesive care for patients and those suffering from various disorders
  • Organisation of anasthesiological and intensive care
  • Helping practicing doctors
  • Personnel training
  • History of anesthesiology and intensive care
  • International cooperation and information
  • On routine activities of the Association of Anaesthesiologists and Reanimatologists

Materials are published in the format of editorial and research articles, surveys, lectures for doctors and medical specialists, practice notes, letters to the editor, reviews. Articles which have been already published in some other journals (collection of articles) are taken for consideration only if the written agreement of the chief editor of the relevant edition is provided.

Articles representing separate stages of pending studies, as well as articles in violation of rules and regulations of humane treatment of study subjects are rejected for publication.

Conditions of publication

The article is to be submitted in hard A4 format (2 copies) and mandatory in electronic format on a carrier or as an attachment to the email to the editorial board. The manuscript is to be signed by the head of the organisation, and it should have attached the accompanying letter on the letter head of the organisation issuing this manuscript. The last page of the text is mandatory to be signed by all authors. Should the manuscript be submitted electronically the accompanying letter, the first and last pages signed by the organisation head and authors are to be scanned and attached to the main file.

Manuscript design

The text of the manuscript should be typed and/or formatted as one file in doc. format (Microsoft Word), A4 (210х297 mm), portrait orientation.

Margin sizes: The upper and lower margin – 20 mm, the left margin – 30 mm, the right margin – 20 mm.

Paragraph indention – 1.25 mm Font: Times New Roman, black, full justification.

Font size – 14, line spacing – 1.5.

All pages of the manuscript shall be paginated in the right lower part of the page.

The volume of the original article and survey should not exceed 20 pages, lectures – 15 pages, practical notes and conference reports – 5 pages, reviews, discussion and comments – 3 pages.

The first page should have the article title typed with 1 interval in bold and capital letters. The title should be brief (not exceeding 120 characters), accurately reflecting the content of the manuscript.

Below the title the information about each author is to be presented (Surname, name, patronymic, fully in Russian and English, position, academic title, full work post address, work phone, fax and email). Should the authors be working in different organisations, the references are to be used to link each author with the relevant organisation.

The summary (not exceeding 150 words) should provide the general understanding of the manuscript statements. Below the key words are to be presented (from 3 to 8 words or phrases, reflecting the main topic of the text). All above elements of the articles are to be separated by the empty line and printed without paragraph indention with 1 interval.

The design of the original articles is as follows: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion (Results and Discussion can be united into one), Conclusions (point by point), Tables and/or Illustrations and References. Materials and Methods should clearly present the design of the research. If necessary it should mention the used equipment and international names, doses, ways of medication administration. The information on statistic processing of clinical or experimental materials should be mandatory presented.

The References are to be types with single interval, each reference should start from a new line, be organized by alphabet order with ordinal numeration. The Russian references are to be followed by foreign ones. When compiling the references one is to comply with GOST 7.1-84 (Bibliographic description of the document. General requirements and rules), and also supplements to GOST 7.80-2000. Bibliographic reference. Title: General requirements and rules. References in the text of the manuscript are to be presented in square brackets with numbers relevant to the list of references. The list reference should contain the following: for books – surname and initials of the authors, full title, publication place, publisher, year of publication, pages (the interval or the quantity). The books written by foreign authors published in Russian should have the note from what language they were translated put through two-spot right after the title.

Publication data for journal articles and collections are to be presented as follows: surnames of the author(s) with initials, article title, double dash, journal title, [year, volume, no., pages (interval)] or collection [place of publication, year, pages (interval)]. For synopsis – surname, initials, full title of the synopsis, after semi-column with capital letters the academic title is given and science field, place of publication, year, pages. When preparing manuscripts it is recommended to use the data for the last 5-6 years, the reviews are to be limited by 50 references and the own works of the author are to be minimally cited. The source cited in the text are to be mandatory included into the reference list, the sources not used in the text are to be excluded from the reference list.

Tables are to be put at the end of the manuscript with the numeration relevant to be mentioning in the text and should be provided with the title. The tables are to be in doc. format (Microsoft Word). The text is to contain the reference to the place of the table and its number. The text should not repeat the data presented in the tables and illustrations.

Illustrations (figures, photos, diagrams) are to be black and white and placed in the end of the manuscript with numeration and notes; the text of the manuscript is to contain the reference to their location. The reverse side of each illustration of the original (hard copy) is to contain the number of the figure, name of the author, the reference to the top and bottom. Each figure (not exceeding 5) should be provided with title and comments on all curves, figures, letters and other symbols placed below it. The text of the manuscript is to have the reference to the specific figure, e.g., (Fig. 1) and the place in the text where this figure should be is to be marked by the square on the margins. Photos (black and white and color ones) are to be rich in contrast of 9х12 cm in dimensions. X-ray photos are to be in the positive imaging. Should these illustrations be published elsewhere before the original source is to be mentioned and the written permission of the publication right holder is to be provided.

Units of measurements are to be given to all numbers. SI system is to be used for dimensions of all physical values. Abbreviations of certain words and terms (apart from generally accepted ones) are not allowed. Abbreviations are not to be used in the title or summary of the manuscript. The complete term instead of which the abbreviation is used should precede the first mentioning of this abbreviation in the text. The main content of the manuscript and the citations are to be carefully proof read by the author.

Peer review

All the articles received by the editorial board are necessarily reviewed.

If the reviewer has any questions the article is returned for revision. The editorial board reserves the right to make editorial changes to the text not distorting the meaning of the article.

Materials not complying with the above requirements are not accepted for review.

Should the author forward the inquiry to the publisher, copies of the reviews or reasonable refusal are to be provided or should the relevant inquiry be forwarded by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the copies of the reviews are to be provided.

The reviews shall be kept for at least 5 years.


The publisher pays no remuneration for the articles.


The journal publishes advertising on its profile in the form of individual advertisements on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pages of the cover (full color print) or articles containing business information on the profile of the journal with the indication “Published as sponsored statement”. Advertising in the journal is fee paying. The amount of space for advertising information in the journal is limited.